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Social Desirability Scale

Sten Graph Reliability Scale - the last dimension related in the graph report is the social desirability scale. This scale is not a personality measure; rather it is a reliability scale that serves as an indicator of possible behavior. The scale provides insight into how a candidate has completed the Prevue Assessment. Candidates with a (1,2) or (9,10) score may have endeavored to manipulate the results of their Prevue test. The extremes of the scale provide the following information:

  1. Social Desirability - Low: when people are overly frank, they have either presented an overly negative picture of themselves or they are lacking in a number of socially acceptable attributes.
  2. Social Desirability - High: when people try to present themselves as overly socially acceptable, they exaggerate their finer qualities. However, there is the possibility that a high social desirability rating can indicate a truly "good person".

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