HVAC Personnel Assessment - Hiring Tools for the HVAC Industry
ICES Plus Scales Overview

Interests Scale

Generally, people work more effectively in jobs that are aligned with their interests. The ICES Plus Assessment measures interests in three scales which are:

  1. Working with People: measures the extent to which an individual needs or wants involvement with people. It also indicates whether a person wants to mentor, negotiate, instruct, supervise, delegate, persuade, interact, serve and help.
  2. Working with Data: measures how a person feels about working with statistics, symbols, facts and figures. It is different from Working with Numbers because it measures interests, not abilities. Working with Data indicates an interest in synthesizing, co-ordination, analyzing, compiling, computing, copying and comparing.
  3. Working with Things: measures an individual's interest in working with inanimate objects such as machinery, tools and equipment. An interest in Working with Things includes setting up, precision working, operating-controlling, driving-operating, manipulating, tending, feeding-unloading and handling.

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