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ICES Plus Scales Overview

Mental Abilities Scale

The mental abilities scales are not an IQ test. They provide information about an individual's ability to learn new information which can be an important aspect in jobs that have to address changing circumstances and new information.

The four mental ability scales measured by the ICES Plus Assessment are:

  1. General Ability: measures a person's capacity to deal with ideas, to solve problems and to assimilate new information. It is an indication of how well a person thinks ahead to anticipate the effects of actions and decisions and how quickly he or she learns.
  2. Working with Numbers: is an evaluation of numerical reasoning ability. It shows how well an individual reasons with new information, data and numbers. It indicates the ability to reason logically and solve problems.
  3. Working with Words: relates to reasoning with and using written language effectively. It is an indication of written communication skills.
  4. Working with Shapes: has to do with spatial skills, or how well a person is able to manipulate objects, both physically and visually. It is an indication of a person's ability to think and reason in three dimensions.

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