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HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing Reports

HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing Reports

The main purpose of the HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing System is to provide management reports that compare a job candidate or current employee to an HVAC job benchmark in a way that is easy for a manager to understand.

Once a candidate's responses to the test questionnaire are entered and graded by the analysis software program, a number of reports can be produced. The reports can be distributed by email or by hard copy from a printer.

Five Report Types

There are five different types of reports, which can be delivered in various formats. The first four report types cover the four major hiring decisions that managers are most often confronted with:

  1. The Selection Report is designed to assist management with hiring and promotion decisions. Interview questions are suggested for candidates who do not match a preferred characteristic in a Benchmark.
  2. The Personal Development/Coaching Report is designed to assist management in determining the particular areas of training that could improve the performance of a current employee. The report contains recommendations as to the type of coaching or training that may be appropriate. The Coaching Report offers training or instructional tips for managers. The information in the reports is designed to help managers maximize on-the-job performance.
  3. The Succession Planning Report examines what jobs within an organization might best suit an individual. The report compares the abilities, interests and personality traits of an employee to the Benchmarks for various jobs within the employer's organization.
  4. The Individual Report provides a general description of the test results without specific reference to a candidate's scores. Individual reports are sometimes provided to employees as part of the coaching process to discuss test results without mentioning specific scores.
  5. The fifth report type, the Working Characteristics Report, provides information on five topics presented as business related behaviors. The Working Characteristics report responds to five questions, namely:
    1. How does this person want to be paid?
    2. What priority does this person give to work?
    3. Does this person make risky decisions?
    4. How does this person deal with change?
    5. What is this person's perception of the world?

Report Formats

The first four types of reports can be produced in one or more of the following three formats:

  1. The Full format provides a complete, detailed report. The Full format is available for all four report types.
  2. The Summary format summarizes the information contained in the Full format. Frequent users of the assessment tests who are familiar with the scales in the reports will use the Summary format. The Summary format is only available for Selection and Coaching reports.
  3. The Graph format displays the graph page from the Full format. The Graph format is only available for Selection and Individual reports (the Benchmark for the job is not displayed in the Individual report). Users of the HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing System may find this format helpful if they are examining several candidates for a particular job at the same time.

The first four reports can be used to emphasize the areas where the candidate is and is not compatible with the HVAC Job Benchmark.

HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing System Reports yield an overall percentage of job suitability and commentary on each characteristic identified in the Benchmark. The overall percentage figure helps to rank candidates in respect to their job suitability.

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