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About the HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing System

Job Title: Installer

Primary Job Function:

  • Responsible for installing HVAC equipment, duct and fittings, and to complete on or below the budgeted labor hours, as outlined by Installation Manager. 
  • Maintain required levels of truck stock items.
  • Advises Installation Manager at such time as the assigned project begins to fall behind the labor budget. 
  • Works with Installation Manager, General Manager and Comfort Consultant team on ideas for reducing the cost of installation. 
  • Reports to site ready to work by 8:00 so projects are not held up.

Reports To: 

Installation Manager

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The Process:

  1. Assessment Test Questionnaire
    • Select the test you want to give your employee or potential new hire candidate.
    • Purchase the test here, supplying the necessary information in the purchase form, or call us at 1-877-816-6649.
    • Have the candidate take the test.
  2. Assessment Report
    • When the candidate has completed the test, email it back to us and we will import it into the software analysis program.
    • We will send you the resulting reports.

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