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Assessment Benchmarks

HVAC Personnel Prevue Assessment System Benchmarks clearly define the traits, interests, and abilities of proven performers on the job; providing a picture of the ideal performer. Benchmarks are the measurement device for comparing applicants to your specific position.

The importance of establishing accurate job requirements can be better understood by example. Consider how uncomfortable you would be if the pilot flying your next flight was a risk-taker and disliked following detailed plans? How concerned would you be if your child's school bus driver was extremely assertive and very competitive? In addition to stipulating minimum experience and education prerequisites, the job requirements should identify the personal characteristics that are desired in a candidate.

It is easy to define the technical requirements of a job such as the required professional qualifications or the ability to use a computer. It is more difficult to define a "people-person" or a "self-starter".

The HVAC Personnel Prevue Assessment System Benchmarks graphically display the desired qualifications for each job and have been tailored to the HVAC industry.

The Process:

  1. Assessment Test Questionnaire
    • Select the test you want to give your employee or potential new hire candidate.
    • Purchase the test here, supplying the necessary information in the purchase form, or call us at 1-877-816-6649.
    • Have the candidate take the test.
  2. Assessment Report
    • When the candidate has completed the test, email it back to us and we will import it into the software analysis program.
    • We will send you the resulting reports.

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