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Why should I use HVAC Personnel Assessment tests?

Why should I use HVAC Personnel Assessment tests?

  • A recent study by The Society for HR Management indicates that a bad hire can cost your company anywhere from $20,000 for intermediate positions to $300,000 for a sales position.
  • A study by DDI International concludes that recruiting costs amount to 46% of the first year's wages when taking into account management interview time, training time and investment, and lost productivity.
  • In many cases, hiring managers have not been given the proper training or tools. A recent article noted that only 17% of senior managers had ever received training in candidate evaluation.
  • Another study source revealed that the predictability of future job performance increases dramatically (up to 27%) when assessments are used. General mental ability is the best single predictor of future job performance.
  • A key reason why organizaations make staff management mistakes is that they don't have all the critical information. They don't assess applicant's core behaviors or interests, or assess the applicant's fit with the job or the company culture.
  • In 2003, retention is equally important as good recruiting. Existing employees must feel they are being treated ina fair and objective fashion on key subjects such as training, personal development, internal promotions, and career management.
  • The HVAC Personnel Prevue Assessment™ System will lead to reduced attrition, reduced recruiting expenses, and improved managerial productivity.
  • The HVAC Personnel Prevue Assessment™ System will facilitate improved employee performance through better job fit, effective coaching, and individual development needs identification.

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