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About the HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing System

About the HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing System

The HVAC Personnel Assessment Testing System provides HVAC businesses with tools to help you make your important hiring decisions, because no two people are identical—each person has a unique mixture of qualities that are important to understand but difficult to measure.

This system takes the difficulty out of measuring those qualities!

The System is made up of two components: the Assessment Test and the Assessment Report.

Assessment Test

The Assessment Test is based on the measurement scales of the ICES Assessment Test , which was designed by world-renowned experts to provide a reliable and rapid means of assessing Interest , Ability , Personality , and Social Desirability

Assessment Reports

The Assessment Reports provide information about a candidate's abilities, interests/motivation, and personality traits.



The assessment reports provide accurate information about people that can be used to optimize the success of your business. Virtually any human resource decision will benefit from the use of the HVAC Personnel Assessment System.

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